Bear script API



I just wrote a script API for Bear. It’s much nicer to use than writing URLs by hand (when you’re a developer, at least).

Usage examples (after including the “BearAPI” action):

  • Prepending to a note:

    Bear.prependTo("Project Ideas", "list");
    // "plain", "list" or "section"
    // Bear.appendTo also exists
  • Creating a note:

  • Fetching a note and manipulating it:

    var n = BearNote.fetch("Project Ideas");
    console.log(n.identifier, n.title, n.content, n.isTrashed, n.creationDate, n.modificationDate);
    n.content = "Hello";

Feedback welcome! I hope it’s useful to someone :slight_smile:

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


Indeed, this is useful! Thank you.