Airtable API for Drafts


Inspired by Greg’s call for suggestions for future integrations, I thought it might be fun to have a go at building one myself for a service I would like to use more: Airtable. I’ve tried to create documentation which is as detailed as that in the Scripting Reference and follows the same style.

I would encourage others out there who feel confident with coding to try building similar integrations for their favourite apps or services. Interacting with web APIs and building x-callback-URLs by hand can be really hard, so abstracting some of that away behind a set of convenient to use classes and methods can be really helpful. For the many Drafts users out there who are willing to do a bit of coding, but who perhaps don’t want to get really into the weeds, these integrations could make things a lot more accessible. I wonder if @agiletortoise would even consider linking to some of these from the Scripting Reference? (The Bear API by @olivier is another notable one.)

See my blog post for full details.