Airtable API for Drafts

Inspired by Greg’s call for suggestions for future integrations, I thought it might be fun to have a go at building one myself for a service I would like to use more: Airtable. I’ve tried to create documentation which is as detailed as that in the Scripting Reference and follows the same style.

I would encourage others out there who feel confident with coding to try building similar integrations for their favourite apps or services. Interacting with web APIs and building x-callback-URLs by hand can be really hard, so abstracting some of that away behind a set of convenient to use classes and methods can be really helpful. For the many Drafts users out there who are willing to do a bit of coding, but who perhaps don’t want to get really into the weeds, these integrations could make things a lot more accessible. I wonder if @agiletortoise would even consider linking to some of these from the Scripting Reference? (The Bear API by @olivier is another notable one.)

See my blog post for full details.


Thank you so much for this! I just had to write here and tell you how much this has helped me in being able to automate Airtable through Drafts actions, and also bring this to the attention of fellow Draft and Airtable automators…

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