WORKFLOWS: Deciding where to put the Task (Drafts or Things)

I was ask in another post by @Jimmbo

How do you decide which to-dos go in Things3 and which in Drafts?

It is quite simple in my case.

If its a todo that only is tied to a note that I write in drafts, that will be jus a TODO: ... on a line in the draft itself.

If is a checklist or shopping list I use a special Workspace (Errand) wit Multi markdown checklists. This also works great for me as packing lists as they could be filled before the voyage and be checked during the last packing stage (often immediately before leaving the house).

All tasks that are porjects go to things. All ideas are promoted with tags to my Zettelkasten (slip-box) inside drafts itself.

To get from Drafts to Things I use some of the ggreat action groups created by fellow users. Many of the allow to keep a link to the Draft note so I use that if needed.

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Ok, finally time to learn Workspaces. Here I go…

This might help you for the shopping lists

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Interesting workflow!

For me, I tend to be pretty strict with my to-dos. Anything that I need (or want) to do goes into Things. Drafts is basically two things for me

  1. My primary place to capture any new text (for later processing)
  2. My searchable knowledge base of everything I write down

So most of my To-Do’s start in Drafts, and get sent to Things. Most of my Things actions ask me whether to archive or delete the Draft after being sent. 90% of the time I want to delete it (if it’s just “buy coffee” or something) but sometimes if it has lots of other details I want to keep it so it stays in my knowledge base.

I could definitely see using Drafts for a shopping list, but I really, really like Anylist for this purpose for three reasons:

  1. Anyone in my family can add to it through Alexa
  2. My wife and I both share a list, so either of us can check the list while we’re out and pick something up
  3. It organizes items into categories automatically, making shopping easier

For packing lists, I keep a few “source of truth” packing lists in Drafts, so I can add to these over time. Then when I’m packing, I use an action to create a Things project based on a selected packing list. I also have a Drafts action that will add new items to my original packing list in Drafts. So if I am camping and realize bear repellant would be handy for the next camping trip, I can quickly jot it down in Drafts and deal with it after I’ve dealt with the matter at hand.

Not saying mine is the right way - just sharing another point of view.

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I love that there seem to be same cathegories:

  • GTD todos
  • Knowledge/Zettelkasten
  • Shopping Lists
  • Packinglists/Checklist

I totally agree that a shareable workflow with shopping lists is a great concept. I surely will move to that when my family starts to use this tool more like me.

Andreas, that’s a really great article.

I hope others will pile-on in this thread. It’s great to get a sense of different usages…


Yes that is a good breakdown of the core areas that drafts intersects with. It does make me wonder whether Drafts will someday incorporate images into the tool. I’m left with this weird state where I end up storing any notes with images in Apple Notes after trying some weird workarounds with taking pictures and inserting links in a Draft draft.

I wonder whether @agiletortoise has ever contemplated adding image functionality in a way that respects its roots as a plain text editor.

Is was reading about an image request in a bad review on drafts and rejected it completely.

But I start to get the idea.
Adding a image (photo or drawing) to a e-mail message or a blog is a overlapping path to a text editor. @sylumer wrote a work around solution in its post here Drafts: Exploded Markdown Preview | ThoughtAsylum

So in principle it should be doable. An integration into Drafts core is hard to imagine.

I am thinking if Bear Notes could not be the right companion tool for that.