WORKFLOW drafts help

In drafts 4 i have un workflow with name DRAFTS TASKPAPER INTO OMNIFOCUS… but i not have in DRAFTS 5…

Any idea how create this for WORKFLOW?

I don’t see an action with that name in the Drafts 4 action directory and so I can’t see the exact details of what it does. However, if you search the Drafts 5 action directory for Omnifocus, there are several Taskpaper / Omnifocus results in there. Check them out and see if any of them do exactly what you want.

If one of them is close but not quite what you want, you can start with that and modify it to do what you do want.

I’d recommend installing this action group. It greatly simplifies setting up complex TP files for import to OF.


This is the WORKFLOW for drafts 4…


Oh this is a Workflow issue not a Drafts issue. See Correct method to send to Drafts 5 from Workflow

But the action group above does the same plus much more, without relying on external dependency.

Thanks, but this I can not do without that. I want to create a complete workflow using SIRI and just by saying something I take the notes and send them to OMNIFOCUS. For example.

This is what this workflow does.