Correct method to send to Drafts 5 from Workflow

Congratulations on the new version.

I Have a Workflow that sends a chosen calendar appointment to Drafts4 as a new draft. Since Drafts 5 is not in the App list yet, what features of this new version do I use to let it receive text from Worklfow?


I plan to get in touch with the Workflow team and hope they will add Drafts 5 actions - in the mean time, it can be done with URLs. I’m not a big Workflow expert, but to create a draft, the URL you would need is:


Where TEXT is replaced with the input variable in the Workflow.


You’ll also want to make sure to use a URL Encode action to encode the text of your calendar entry. The old Drafts 4 actions in workflow would do this for you automatically.

Your flow should look something like this:

Calendar entry -> url encode -> URL action with the URL encoded text as a variable where Greg said -> open URL action.

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I’m keeping D4 around for just that purpose. I use my current Workflows to send to D4, then D4 automatically redirects them to D5.

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Any updates on this?

I wouldn’t expect any more Workflow updates until it is relaunched as Shortcuts in the Fall.

Anybody update this in WORKFLOW?

This works perfectly thank you