Where does the Apple Watch app get its inbox count?

When I open Drafts on my Watch, the inbox there has 319 items, but all my other devices have an empty inbox.

What setting might I change to get the Watch in sync with the rest? Thanks

The suggestions on this thread have been used a few times to resolve some random occurrences of a lack of sync with a watch (varying types and OS levels).

Thanks for the link.

Unfortunately, its tips didn’t work. I tried the reinstall/reboot advice and force-quitting the app on the Watch, and still its inbox shows an incorrect count (though only 278 now!)

Just to double check you initial assumption, how many drafts does this action indicate you have in your inbox?

The Watch app gets what is in your inbox. I’m going to guess that you have a default workspace on the phone that hides some of your inbox drafts? (Maybe an untagged filter, or similar?)

Those changes to your default inbox on the phone do not currently affect the Watch app. Yes, it would be nice to have the watch app better reflect those settings, but that is not something available right now.

Aha, that’s it exactly! Thanks for the help, everybody