What’s the easiest way to get images into drafts from Dropbox? Thanks!

I know they will only be visible in print preview, but thats fine … Thanks!

Maybe try this thread…

Thanks … Not exactly what I’m looking for. I have a dropbox folder named “drafts”, as opposed to a folder for each draft as the shortcut seems to imply.

I’m open to having images stored in iCloud if that’s an easier integration?

It wasn’t intended to necessarily be an exact match as you haven’t described exact details of what you were having issues with. But it is an example of how to add images from Dropbox into your Drafts that you could then adapt to meet whatever your own requirements are.

If there is something specific that you are struggling with in utilising Dropbox, please post details and perhaps a walk through or example to illustrate where the point at which you are getting stuck.

I was able to find an example that you posted from April '18 and got it to work

BUT, I’m not getting dropbox links to work. Here is the link


When I click the link I see the picture so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong in Drafts?

That is a Dropbox share link…which is not a link to the image itself, but a link to a web page you can use to share the image. Notice if you open that link, you don’t get the image, but a page allowing you to download it.

You need a directly link to the image itself. Not exactly sure what the right way to get that is…I don’t use Dropbox much.

On the end of the URL, change the 0 to a 1.