Examples of use of new Dropbox integration?

Can anyone prove examples of use of the new Dropbox integration? I’d just like to read the contents of a folder then present to the user in a list dialog - but don’t really want to wade through all the API docs without guidance or examples:

I have a script which allows me to get a list of files that aren’t .md or .html in a folder named the same as the Draft I’m working on and insert them as an image:

var folder = draft.processTemplate("[[safe_title]]");

// create Dropbox object and vars
let db = Dropbox.create();
let endpoint = "https://api.dropboxapi.com/2/files/list_folder";
let args = {
    "path": "/Shared Folders/Drafts/" + folder + "/",
    "recursive": false,
    "include_media_info": false,
    "include_deleted": false,
    "include_has_explicit_shared_members": false,
    "include_mounted_folders": true

// make API request
let response = db.rpcRequest({
	"url": endpoint,
	"method": "POST",
	"data": args
if (response.statusCode != 200) {
	console.log("Dropbox Error: " + response.statusCode + ", " + response.error);
} else {
	let p = Prompt.create();
	p.title = "Pick a file";
	let fileList = response.responseData.entries;
	Object.keys(fileList).forEach(function(key) {
		if (!fileList[key].name.endsWith('.md') && !fileList[key].name.endsWith('.html')) {
	let didSelect = p.show();
	if (didSelect) {
		editor.setSelectedText("![](" + p.buttonPressed + ")");
		let selectionRange = editor.getSelectedRange();
		editor.setSelectedRange(editor.getSelectedRange()[0]+2, 0);

Interesting - except I put my images in a sister folder to my .md folder.

Actually the .html I make from the .md should probably get deleted after a while so modifying what you’ve got to delete all non-Markdown files would be useful to me. An exercise for me, I think.