What *little* convenience features/changes would help you most?


On tapping Select the text changes to Cancel, but after selecting a bunch of drafts and performing an operation on them, it is slightly unintuitive that it remains as Cancel rather than Done. To me, “cancel” means to back out of the process without affecting anything. If this is an easy change to make it would remove a small point of friction.


I am a researcher who frequently extracts citable or quotable material from sources available on Kindle and Questia. I can share to Drafts from both sources but still have to manually provide citation information, e.g., in APA style “Bowman (2007: 53).” If Drafts could do that automatically, it would be an enormous help.


Already posted in Feature Requests, but worth repeating here (worth it to me, anyway :wink:): it would be handy to have a slot for recently used icons in the Icon Selector.