Using Things with Drafts




Things 3 can be integrated with Drafts in a number of powerful ways.

Sending Individual Tasks

Things has an iOS Share extension which can be used with Drafts’ Share action, or URL-based actions can be used to send the text of the current draft as a task to Things inbox.

  • Task in Things
    • Send draft to Things as new task, using first line as the title and the remaining text as a note.

Scripting Things

Drafts provides convenience wrappers for Things more advanced URL schemes which allow creation of multiple tasks or even whole projects with tags and dates assigned, etc.

Documentation for Things Scripting is available at our Scripting Reference site, and many example actions utilizing these methods can be found by searching the Action Directory

Emailing To Things

Things also provides a Mail to Things feature which can be used along with Drafts Mail script steps to send email to your unique Things email address.