Unique cross-linking of drafts


I keep a directory note that links out to lots of different notes. There a few circumstances that I run into that I’d love to see a slight adjustment in behavior:

  1. When linking to a draft using the wiki style link, e.g., [[Expenses]], this will search for all drafts that contain “Expenses” in the first line. It would be great if there was a mode that matches based on a complete match of text in the first line (maybe with an inclusion of markdown style markers). That way “# Expenses” or “Expenses” would match, but “May Expenses” wouldn’t match. There’s the [[d:Title of Draft]] notation mentioned in the documentation, but this doesn’t seem relevant here.
  2. When linking to a draft when there’s multiple entries with similar names, an alert will show up indicating “Multiple Drafts Found” and providing a “Open Search” option. It would be great if there was a setting to skip the alert (“do not show again”) and immediately showing the search sheet.
  3. When linking to a drafts when there’s multiple entries with similar names and some of the entries are archived. It would be great if there was a way to omit archived drafts from the default wikilink search. Maybe even a global option to enable/disable searching “Archive” entries. I often don’t want to see the archived entries in any search unless I’m explicitly searching for something that isn’t in my active notes.

If there are any existing ways to achieve the desired behaviors, please let me know!

Thank you!


You might be interested in this thread: [Discussion] Strict Cross Linking

Also this: [Tip] Markdown headers and more precise cross-linking - though I think this workaround stopped working more recently.

In short, I agree that it would be useful to have these options available in Drafts. As it currently stands, if they’re willing/capable enough, a user can probably do much of this through a syntax adjustment.

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