Typewriter Mode? [SOLVED-R20]

Are there any plans for a “typewriter” where the scrolling is fixed on the center of the screen. This would be helpful for longer writing. I have seen some mention of it on the forums back in 2018 but nothing since. Wondering if the feature is there and I am missing it or if it got shelved for some reason.

Purely for reference, here’s the original feature request.

There isn’t currently an option for this, and I’ve not seen any commitment to including it yet from Greg, so perhaps it just isn’t on any current public roadmap.

I would suggest anyone who wants the functionality adds their support to the original feature request. The more interest there is, the more I’m sure Greg would be likely to consider adding it to the development roadmap.

Thanks for the confirmation. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing it before I sent in a feature request via feedback, which I’ve now done. As Drafts becomes a more integral part of my workflow (essentially I am moving Drafts for a “where text starts” to an “all text goes here”) a typewriter feature for longer documents becomes more important.

I’ll add your +1 to the request. Definitely something I’d consider adding, but it non-trivial to implement and other priorities have been ahead of it.

Sounds fair, thanks for considering it.

Hey @agiletortoise just want to add a +1 to this.

Editing on the iPad would be massively improved by an implementation that keeps the editing line centered somewhere comfortably. Ulysses’s implementation of it is really comfortable, lets you begin a typewriter mode then allows you to drag the screen up and down to find the perfect height for you. For years in Drafts I’ve been working around by adding a lot of empty lines to the beginning of a draft to push it down, then pop up the digital keyboard for the text to bump against, to keep it where my eyes can comfortably read it.

I’ve noticed that without doing this while editing a lot of text with an external keyboard, the text will go below the screen once it gets to the bottom, so this could solve that as well. Please consider adding it :slight_smile: It’s really the final feature that’s stopping me from using Drafts as my full time text editor.

Greg - Love your work - As the new mouse mode get’s implemented - typewriter mode is going to add a lot of usability on the iPad version. As a minimum viable process just making sore the active typing is in the middle / lower middle of the screen - no need to fade out other text (focus mode).

Another vote for typewriter scrolling, ideally on both Mac and iPad. Long note-taking sessions are a drag without it.

Experimental version of Typewriter scrolling is in the beta version if anyone is interested in testing it out.

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It’s working great. Thank you

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