Toggle "link mode" simply with CMD key

In VSCode, simply holding down the “cmd ⌘” key (Apple Mac) temporarily allows all urls to become “clickable” in the document with focus. I assume the equivalent works on the MS Windows side too.

Could Drafts’s “link mode” be toggled in a similar way? i.e. temporarily “Enable Link Mode”

Solutions mentioned elsewhere, such as Clickable URL links in regular mode? involve changing the syntax of the link (which is not what I want to do), or Drafts Mac— ShortCut for toggling link mode involve making additions to the OS (and in that example, the CMD key can’t be used on its own anyway)

It would be a much simpler action, when you just want to follow a link , rather than have to take the whole document into “link mode” (which no longer allows editing, etc) and then have to return it to edit mode via the “Disable link mode” action.

I’m so used to doing it that way in VSCode that I hit a mental block when I’m in Drafts and want to simply visit a link (if for nothing else than to check it works as I’m creating my draft doc).

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I thought it was the option key in VS Code? It’s the command key in BBEdit. There’s not really a standard for this behavior. Agree it could be useful, will. put some thought into it.


It’s definitely the cmd key for me in VSCode. I expect they’d have gone with a previous/older use-case if BBEdit was also cmd (its many years since I’ve used BBEdit). Thanks for considering though :smile:

Great idea! I also thought it may be useful to enable link mode for a workspace. eg. I have a workspace to filter out all URLs - file, email or webpage etc. or if you had a bookmarks workspace which was then set to link mode, cuts out having to enter link mode in each note…

For what it’s worth I wrote a post earlier this month about an approach I use on my Mac that uses a bit of automation to open a link without enabling link mode. Somewhat ironically, I opted for CTRL+Left Click to trigger it.

It uses Keyboard Maestro to do the automation, but I am sure there are other tools that could apply a similar workaround.