Drafts Mac— ShortCut for toggling link mode

It would be extremely useful to me if there was a way to toggle link mode on and off as a cycle through the drafts in my inbox. The way I have it set up now the only option are clicking the bottom of the window or via the menu.

If there is a way of doing this now or some sort of workaround please let me know. Thanks!

In scripting, Editor.linkModeEnabled allows you to check and set the mode. If you have an action using that you could assign that to a keyboard shortcut and have it toggle for a draft.

Is that what you are after?

just like @sylumer mentioned - I already set this up as an action
I use an Action to toggle the Editor modes.
Maybe this helps you, download ist here

I use it in a keyboard to have quick Access to it.

if you dont need the other modes you can of course simplify this action to just toggle the link mode with one klick

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The question was specific to Mac, I believe.

Since there are no actions on the Mac yet, you can assign a user keyboard shortcut to the Editor > Link Mode menu item in System Preferences > Keyboard on your Mac.


I will give it a shot.


Definitely having one of those days! I should have paid more attention to the details at the top.


This solution works great! I did not know until now we could easily add shortcuts that way with MacOS: Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac - Apple Support