Todoist Integration Breakage [SOLVED]

UPDATE: This has been fixed in the 15.0 release.

As of Sept 5, 2019, direct integration with Todoist in Drafts is not working.

It appears that Todoist had deprecated the API endpoint used by Drafts integration, and we were not aware of the pending change. Todoist shut down operation of those deprecated endpoints sometime in the last 24 hours or so, causing Todoist actions in Drafts to return errors.

We are beta testing an update to address these changes and should have a fix out in the next update.

Actions which integrate with the Todoist app via URL schemes are still functional.

If you rely on these Todoist actions and would like access to the beta, please see information regarding the beta program in this post.

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i read that message a while ago and didn’t thought, that it would impact drafts integration…
this is the first line on their docs page…

Note that there is a newer version of this documentation for the Todoist API v8, and we strongly recommended that you use it or migrate your code to it, as the v7 is deprecated and will be removed on August 30th.

this really sucks. i was removed from the beta because i didnt want to loose data in drafts but now i need to reapply… what a mess!

The beta version of the app is pretty stable these days, if you want to switch back over. There are a few display glitches and such, but no known data-related glitches.

Obviously this is less than ideal, and we feel bad we missed this news from Todoist. We keep up with a lot of APIs, and most are pretty stable across long periods of time, so it was a bit of a surprise that they shut this one down less than a year after we implemented support. Not blaming them at all, we should have been on top of it and have signed up for their notification channels to updates now to make sure this does not happen again in the future. We missed the step of signing up for notifications. Most APIs we integrate with automatically notify registered app owners of changes.

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Would be good to clarify - will a Drafts update (supplementary) to solve API issue be coming out soon i.e., ahead of whiz-bang iOS 13 update, or will it be rolled into that one? Appreciate the beta option is there, but I’m not keen to go down that route. Cheers.

It will probably have to wait for the iOS 13 update. Presumably, Apple will start accepting those submissions next week and there’s not really time to test and submit an interim fix.

No worries. Thanks for clarifying.

Thanks Agiletortoise. Really looking forward for the same. I have become handicap without Todoist integration

hi @agiletortoise, is the closeTask(task_id) -> [boolean] function affected, too?
I’m developing a script to duplicate followUP tasks from my today view if I select them. I want to complete one and create another at a configurable day. Selecting and looping through the tasks works perfect, but when I call todoist.closeTask with the task id its returning false and todoist.lastError reports a 400 / bad request…
When I use the exact same variable and call todoist.getTask instead of close - The call returns the task object.

Please open a support ticket with example action and I’ll look into it.

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