Drafts Beta Program - iOS 13 and more

Summer time is here, which means lots of new goodies from Apple. As usual, Drafts tries to stay on top of the latest features available on its platforms. To support this, and help get these new features to market with the best quality possible, we need beta testers.

If you agree with the statements below, beta testing might be for you:

  • I love to live on the edge and try out the latest technologies
  • I accept that doing so often comes at the expense of reliability and could put my data at risk.
  • I read release notes.
  • I am willing to take the time to test features, report issues, and provide feedback to help make software better.

You need not be running the iOS beta to participate. Drafts will remain compatible with iOS 12 - though, obviously, some new features will not be available. It’s important that we have testers on iOS 12 as well to ensure compatibility.

Note for existing beta testers: Due to the fact that there is a lot of new things, and this offers a higher than normal level of risk with the beta, I will be clearing the current TestFlight user list. If you have been a beta tester in the past, please re-apply using the form below to be re-added to the beta program.

Signup: Beta Program Application Form


Can the beta app coexist with the stable release, like Drafts 4 and 5?

TestFlight replaces the current install of Drafts (5/6/7…) with the test version.