Theme resets after Drafts restarts

Hello everyone.

Got an issue with theme changing.

Currently, my editor preferences are these:

Don’t know how, but dark mode theme was changed to Solarized, and when I’m trying to change it to something dark, e.g. Vivid Dark, it resets to Solarized after I restart the app.

Also, I can’t change other settings like Paragraph numbers, max line width, etc. as if it’s locked.

Any ideas what might be the reason for this?

P.S. The same happens on mobile.

I’ve had one other report of this from @yashodhankhare, but have not been able to reproduce the issue. Working on figuring it out, however…any additional clues would be welcome if other are seeing it.

Thanks for the reply!

If I can help somehow, let me know.

We are on the same topic here, Greg might want to split it. The dark theme sticks, the light one doesn’t.

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