Syntax summary counts for your entire draft library


Is there an action that can summarize the number of drafts by syntax? Something similar to this one for summary and tag counts.

The latest version of the ThoughtAsylum - Power User action group’s TAD-Display Drafts Counts action now includes a section that breaks down the count by syntax.

For info, the summary report it produces has tables of counts in the following:

  • Basic counts (flagged, not flagged, and total) for inbox, archive, all, trash, and total.
  • Tag counts (flagged, not flagged, inbox, archive, total, and trashed) for each tag.
  • Syntax counts (all, trash, and total) for each syntax.
  • Version counts for total and most versions of a single draft.
  • Workspace counts (flagged, not flagged, inbox, archive, total, and trashed) for each workspace.
  • Actions & groups
    • Count of groups
    • Count of actions
    • Count of sections
    • Count of actions and sections by action group

Hi! I tried to run this action, but I only get name of the sections. I assume there should be a table, but VoiceOver says “1 Columns, 0 Rows”. For testing purposes, I copied results as HTML and previewed with Marked 2 and there was numbers and stats.
So action works, just not displays any information for VoiceOver.

There are several tables all in a standard HTML formatted output. Copying the HTML should just be copying what I generate in the Action.

If you are getting the results back okay as rendered HTML from Marked 2, I think that suggests an issue with the preview window.

Very late with this reply, but thank you @sylumer. The aforementioned action answers my question.

The ThoughtAsylum Action Group looks powerful–and intimidating. Respect for the time you spent building it for your needs, maintaining, and sharing here.