[Solve] iOS Youtube Capture with more details

Hi all

so ive noticed that as opposed to capturing from Safari, when capturing from the iOS youtube app (via the share button). All i get is a “lousy” :slight_smile: URL which has no title, name or anything else to identify what the video is later on…

is aw that on safari one can change the capture template (https://docs.getdrafts.com/docs/extensions/share)

Can something be done from youtube captures? I capture alot of info while watching youtube and its very hard to understand what the videos are since all i get is a simple youtube URL, ie:


any ideas very appreciated!


What is captured depends on what is sent. It’s the YouTube app that’s sending that information. You would need to insert something like a Shortcuts share sheet shortcut that goes out and gets extra information about the YouTube video based on the URL it gets passed; and then pass that on to Drafts.

ahh that’s a great idea! :slight_smile:

ill explore the inter tube to try and find examples

thx a lot @sylumer


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Hi @zeltak,

Did you find a solution?

Hi @MAB941009, not yet didn’t have time yet to explore

when (and if) i do will post it here



I did some playing around with this yesterday. Due to how the YouTube pages are formatted, any solution is probably going to involve a bunch of regexp searches for information on the page, which I don’t have time to play with right now either, unfortunately.

A really crude stopgap would be something like going to the page for the video in safari, highlighting the information you need and either use Draft capture from there or create a shortcut that turns a selection into markdown then sends it to Drafts if you need to.

Hi again

so i played around with this and came up with this if anyone is interested!



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Great Solution. Thanks for the reply