Snooze your Drafts

This setup enables you to „snooze“ drafts by sending them to the Reminders app and fetching them back when they are due.

It’s a combination of a drafts action, a shortcut automation and some settings. Here are detailed instructions to set it up:

Manual to setup “Snooze a Draft”

It is technically possible to do this in Drafts using workspace date filtering and an action to specify a future date for the draft creation property. This does require a Drafts Pro subscription (workspaces are a pro feature), but it will also work on a Mac (macOS not currently being able to run Shortcuts).

The details were covered in this thread.

I feel immediately uneasy thinking about this “future creation date” idea. But I like how in you screenshot in that thread, the workspace is actually called “no future” :sweat_smile:

Yes, my solution requires an iOS device, forget to mention that. However I think that my solution also has the benefit that you can change the due date of a draft in ever calendar app that syncs with reminders (most do).

a minor shortcoming is that the due date field of the snooze action applies some natural language processing, but is missing some (e.g. “in 3 days” does not work, “next saturday” does, however)