Smart Action Groups?

Is there a way to create a “smart group” of actions, like “recently used” or some other filter? I keep adding and removing actions as I discover or create them, then copying the ones I use the most into a daily-use group to keep them organized and quickly accessible.

I saw the question about including an action in multiple other groups, which could be a solution, but it was an old post. Thought there may be another way to do it now.

As far as I know the application there is no way to do this.

You could create a action search with a Prompt inside a script but that might be too much effort.

What do you think?

A Recent Actions smart action group would be useful. I have about 10 actions I regularly use, copied from various action groups in to a Favourites group. But they then get out of date with the master/original action.

Instead of copying them, use Include Action to reference and run the originals. That way, you get the benefit of the updates but can keep your own icons, shortcut keys, etc.

This is the approach I recommend in the docs for my own action groups.

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“Include Action” is news to me and a huge help! Thanks @sylumer!