Show an action in multiple groups

In Drafts 4, it was possible to have an action appear in more than one group. For example, I kept the “trash” action at the bottom of every group, for easy access. Is this not possible in Drafts 5?

I know I can duplicate an action, but then I’d have to modify every copy if I ever needed to revise that action. Not a big deal, but I’m wondering if I just can’t find the setting.

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There’s an action step called Include action. You can use that to run another action. Therefore you can use that to reference your one master action and continue to maintain just the one master action.

In my review, I mentioned a workaround for this in the action group section. It involves a special character, and using the “Include Action” step as @sylumer described above. I put it in the key action group I published with the article as well so you could copy it.

It’s a workaround, but I’d like to see it incorporated at some point.