Single press complications for speech to text on apple watch

Hello, I have a specific workflow in mind, and I’m reaching out to see if there’s an existing solution or if others might be interested in such a feature.

Here’s what I’m aiming for:

  1. A single press of a Drafts complication on my Apple Watch immediately opens the app in microphone (dictation) mode.
  2. I can then dictate my thoughts, and Drafts transcribes them into text instantly.
  3. Upon finishing the dictation, the transcribed note is automatically saved as a new draft.

This would offer a quick, hands-free way to capture thoughts on-the-go without having to navigate through multiple screens or taps. It’s all about streamlining the capture process on the wrist!

I’ve found that I can use the capture with options complication to almost achieve this. However, it goes through an extra screen. The standard capture complication also could also work, but it goes straight to the apple watch finger spelling mode which isn’t ideal.

Has anyone found a better way?

See below. This is a watchOS limitation. Please file feedback with Apple: