Simple shortcut replacement


Fixed …


@dchar What you did with Drafts App action, does this exist on a Mac? Perhaps in Keyboard Maestro or something similar?


This is awesome, thanks for sharing. Great piece of work.


Is it possible to have “Comments” that are ignored in the actual shortcuts draft that the shortcuts are defined in? I tried the default comment syntax of a # symbol for YAML, but it doesn’t seem like it allows expansion. I really just want it to skip over any lines that start with the # symbol; I don’t think this warrants any special algorithms to detect if that symbol is found after the beginning of the line. Essentially:

1 | # This is a comment describing the snippet below
2 | .prj
3 |   - Project 1
4 |   - Project 2

I want comments so that I can define my shortcuts a bit more descriptively in case I need to go back after a while and recall what it was for modifying the shortcuts. Hope that makes sense!

Nevermind; this was my mistake. Comments work fine!


Can you please check

.longphrase: "

This is a long phrase

that is split across

multiple lines."

Results in a in “block style” without using “|”

Edit: I figured it out. You have to use an escape from YAML. Empty lines should contain \ in them.