Simple List+ Example Syntax

I posted a Simple List+ example syntax in the Directory. This example is designed to suggest how some minor modifications to syntaxes and tailor the experience in Drafts.

Drafts ships with a “Simple List” syntax. Its primary purpose is to provide an alternate list syntax that is simplified just for handling tasks. Works great with shopping lists, for example, (don’t miss our separate tip on working with shopping lists). It supports only Markdown style headings and lists.

The Simple List+ syntax differs from the standard version in the following ways:

  • It supports three state tasks using { } curly braces. Like the [ ] square bracket version, typing { } will create a task you can tap. Instead of just toggling between on-off states, it toggles through three states: { }, {-}, and {x}. Great for keeping up with items that have an “in-progress” state.
  • When a task list item is completed, (e.g. in the [x] state), the text of the line gets crossed-off with strikethrough formatting.
  • When using Drafts navigation feature (down arrow at the top right of editor), in addition to headings, it will display incomplete tasks, allowing you to navigate directly to them in a longer draft.
  • It has [[wiki-style]] cross-linking enabled, like the Markdown syntaxes.

To use the Simple List+ syntax:

  • Be sure you have updated to Drafts v26 or greater to get custom syntax support.
  • Open the Simple List+ syntax in the Directory, tap the “Install” button. Drafts will open and offer to install the syntax.
  • Create a new draft, and assign it the “Simple List+” syntax:
    • On Mac: Select the syntax from the dropdown at the lower left of the editor
    • On iOS: Change the current draft syntax in the “Aa” editor preferences.

For more details on installing and using custom syntax, see the User Guide.


Thanks to this example, I’ve updated my Draftsdown syntax with the completed checkbox visual distinction, three-state tasks, and navigation markers for incomplete tasks. Not difficult to do!

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Frustrating introduction to themes and syntaxes for me, I’ve installed the Example Syntax and various themes including Draftsdown but the three state tasks look pretty much like plain text to me. What am I missing, is anyone else experiencing this? (Drafts version 26.2.4)

Show as normal, strike through and bolded for me.

Ok now it works but I have a new problem… iCloud sync has stopped working :frowning:
It’s back! and all is good. Thank you for you help.