Shopping List in Drafts

I use Drafts to create my weekly shopping list and then I send that list to my Shopping List in Reminders.

Anyone else using Drafts this way, and any clever ways to do it?

What I would like to do is for example see what I purchase regularly… So any thoughts on improving this would help.


Capture Ideas

  • Use dictation.
  • Clone last week’s list as a starting point.
  • Have actions to add everything you need for one meal to the list.
  • Filter/parse “known” items into sub-lists/alternate lists that correspond to multiple stores if you shop in multiple places - e.g. green grocers, butchers,bakery; or simply isles / sections if you shop in one store.
  • See what list services other than Apple reminders could offer you.

Purchasing Analysis

You could have variations in how you enter data that you may wish to group.


  • pepper
  • Pepper
  • peppers
  • red pepper
  • green pepper
  • mixed peppers

That’s not even exhaustive for peppers alone. There’s fundamentally a data aggregation challenge in using Drafts.

To analyse the data would want to aggregate and constrain entry. Whilst you could do that to an extent in Drafts, it sounds like your shopping tracking requirements are passing the base line functionality of your current app of choice. I think for this you need a database, whether that be via a dedicated shopping list app/service or a roll your own solution with something like Airtable.

Hope something there helps.

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These are my tips for shopping lists.

I use the heck out of the shopping mode action in that post. It’s so nice to wander around the grocery store checking things off and not having to wake up the phone for every item. I do my shopping lists in “Simple List” syntax and have the font size set for that syntax to around 24 points, too, so the checkboxes are dead easy to tap.

That said, I don’t do a lot of capturing items for the list. I tend to sit down and plan meals for the week and make a list in one sitting - not constantly add to it all week.

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I commented on the potential use of Arrange Mode to sort in store order.

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