Send Draft to iOS Reminders with prompt to choose list

I use a simple action to send Drafts to iOS Reminders. But the specific list I send to is hardwired into the action.

How can I add a prompt to let me select the list from a drop-down?

I know there are ways to include the list name in the Draft and automate this, but I want to do it with a prompt.

Can anyone help?

Have you read the scripting documentation? There isn’t a drop down list for prompts, but if you add buttons in your code, one for each item, you get a scroll able list of buttons whish is functionally equivalent for selection.

Drop down lists are possible, but you would need to use an HTML preview to do this rather than an in-Drafts pop up. It is more effort so it depends on how you want things to work as to whether you want to go down this path or not.

Hope that helps.

The “List in Reminders” action step has built-in support for specifying a list based on the # List-Name line. See the Reminders integration guide for an action and details usage.

Especially in the action “Reminder with options” in the directory, you will find a prompt script with, out of other options, an addPicker for Reminders lists. Tweak the script and build a customized array with your own Reminders lists: