Run Action from x-callback-url

I have a number of actions to create temp workspaces and I would like to run them on a scheduled basis. It would be convenient to attach an x-callback-url to a recurring reminder but I can’t find an option - am I missing something or is there an alternative way to open Drafts and run an action?



Not sure exactly what your goals are, but for most automation purposes, Shortcuts is your best bet these days, and Drafts and you can trigger Drafts actions from Shortcuts, as well as do a wide variety of automation tasks directly in Shortcuts without ever opening the app.

I have collections of Drafts I review on a regular basis, using a temp workspace to gather each collection. I would have liked to an x-callback-url (or similar) to a reminder so that when a review falls due I can tap a link and open Drafts with the temp workspace created.
I look at Shorcuts, thank you.

I just stumbled across what I was looking for

Thanks again

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