Trigger a Drafts action (temp workspace) from Shortcuts or URL

I’ve used this action for awhile which lets me create a temp workspace by tag.

I’d like to trigger it from my stream deck, enter a tag and be in the temp workspace for that tag. But I can’t find a way to trigger the action via either URL or shortcuts. What am I missing?

If you’re familiar with URL schemes maybe this is helpful: URL Schemes - Drafts User Guide

Thanks for this. This was what I tried first. I don’t think this allows me to run a global action, creating a custom workspace. I believe it only allows me to run an action on the specific text I’m passing in.

URLs can run any action. You can pass in a blank text or anything if your action doesn’t use it it doesn’t matter. This should work:


Perfect. Thank you. I was messing up the URL formatting somehow. This works great.

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