Retiring Drafts 4 Action Directory

FYI, in the next couple of weeks I will be retiring the Drafts 4 Action Directory.

Drafts 4 was discontinued April, 2018, and support updates ended August, 2019. I have left the directory running to support the app, but much of it’s content is getting outdated and with server re-shuffling keeping it running and up to date with security patches is becoming more work and cost than is justified.

Pity. But I use 2 actions maybe so I won’t feel it.

What are those two actions? Maybe there are replacements.

Actually, others might have action s they have to retire.

I used mostly Twitter and Facebook. But Facebook no longer working and Twitter action was rewritten to support one account only, so I found myself using Drafts less and less and mostly like clipboard replacement.
Second was for doing multi-tweets, but I think If the action is on my phone I don’t need it in directory.

Facebook not working is Facebook’s fault. Can’t really help the fact they will not allow third party apps to create text posts anymore.

All services (including Twitter) support multiple accounts on the current version of Drafts.

For me Drafts 5 is one tap more instead of less, new UI didn’t fit well with me when I tried to choose among actions, especially when I imported actions from version 4.
not to mention steep price. And from what I see version 4 does not sync with Mac.
so I stick with 4 until it works and deleted Mac version.

I am not sure I understand how the new version Drafts is “one more tap”, but that is fine if you didn’t feel it was a fit for you. It sounds like shutting down the Drafts 4 directory did not affect you because you did not use it.

I would say it seems unlikely with your described usage you would need to pro subscription to take advantage of the new version of Drafts if you’d like to give it another try. I’d be interested to hear how exactly it is a step backwards from your point of view productivity-wise.

Even if there were one tap more I would observe that a Twitter or Facebook automation is likely to be “coarse grained” meaning quite a lot of work is done by the automation. “Fine grained” I’d be more concerned about i.e. high frequency short duration tasks.

One day if I find the strenght I make screenshot or video to explain what I have in mind. Also importing old actions from 4 to 5 duplicated a lot :frowning: and overall actions UI became more clunky than before.
So I was happy to delete 5. Probably switch to Notes, and implement multi tweet feature in Shortcuts.