Ending Updates for the Legacy 4.x Version of Drafts

Drafts 5 was released in April 2018. We issued the update as a new app to ease the migration path for users, allowing them to evaluate and migrate from earlier versions at their own pace - and we have continued to support and occasionally update the Drafts 4.x app in this interim period.

While we do not expect Drafts 4 to stop working anytime soon, the fact remains that the OS it lives on and services it integrates with do not stand still and incompatibilities and issues will likely arise over time. We do not have the resources to continue to keep Drafts 4.x active and up-to-date.

Effective today, Drafts 4 has been removed from the App Store, and we are announcing that we do not plan to issue any additional compatibility updates for this discontinued version.

A few likely questions. Please feel free to ask below, or contact us at support@agiletortoise.com, if any of your concerns or questions are not addressed below:

How I can migrate to the new Drafts?

Start on this migration page to learn about what is new in Drafts and how to migration both data and actions to the current version. The new version is a free download (and is also available for Mac).

Will you continue to support Drafts 4?

Yes. We will not be updating the app itself, but will happily continue to respond to support inquiries, etc., regarding subsetted version of Drafts.

I am happy with Drafts 4, can I continue to use it?

Yes. We know of no current significant compatibility issues with Drafts 4.x and if it serve your needs, you can continue to use it indefinitely. Since Drafts 4 relies on iCloud, sync services will remain active.

Do I have to pay again to use the newer version of Drafts?

That depends. The current version of Drafts (both for iOS and Mac) is a free download and has a generous free version which supports creation, editing and sync of drafts and use of actions and many other features at no cost. There is a Drafts Pro subscription available to enable advanced features.

If you remove Drafts 4 from the App Store, will I still be able to download the last version?

Yes. If you have purchased Drafts 4 in the past, it will still be available to download in your App Store purchase history in the App Store app on iOS. So even though it does not appear in searches or other listings, you can always download the last release to new devices, or if you have to reinstall, etc.