Questions/Suggestions for Drafts for Mac Beta


If a selection of text in Safari is shared to Drafts beta on macOS from the Safari Share menu on the toolbar, the entry in Drafts is block quoted and includes the URL for the source page.

If the same text selection is shared to Drafts beta from the Share menu in the Safari contextual menu, the entry in Drafts only contains the text, no blockquote, and no URL.

Is this intended?


That is system behavior. Same is true on iOS. The share sheet only gets the text if you share a selection directly. If you use the Safari share button, the share sheets gets access to the host page and can retrieve other information - like link/title.


I was unclear. In both cases the text selection is shared.


Suggestion for tags: drag to reorder.

Tag order probably doesn’t matter much, but scanning down a list of drafts it might be helpful, and dragging tags in the editor would be easier than deleting and re-entering a tag.


After viewing an inbox item, the text is turned dark blue, presumably to highlight drafts which have been recently accessed. I can see this might be useful to some users, but I’d prefer to be able to turn that feature off. Firstly, it’s distracting, and secondly it looks horrible on my display. It possibly looks crisp on a retina screen, but on mine it just looks blurry.

Not a biggie, obvs.


Absolutely, this! I’d love an option for menu bar only. I close the main window most of the time and use a keyboard shortcut for a new draft when I need it. Still see the Drafts app icon in the list when I CMD-Tab though. Be great to hide it.