Questions/Suggestions for Drafts for Mac Beta


I’m not sure that paradigm fits for a full-fledged application like Drafts, especially when the menu bar icon is already tied to a “quick” version of the app. Do you think that you’ll do most of your processing on iOS once actions are available on macOS? I’m not against the idea, persay, but rather see it as a potential source of confusion for users. How would you access the “full” version of Drafts if you only had a menu bar icon? I suppose you could implement a right-click menu, but that would be non-intuitive as many menu bar apps don’t utilize that paradigm.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I’m not against it, but rather just see it being difficult to implement in an intuitive way.


Would love this too. I often run a keyboard shortcut to “quit all” apps to clean up the dock. Most of the utility apps I use can be run menu bar-only, so it would be amazing if Drafts could get this functionality in the future. Thank you!


Happy to report this is fixed in the latest beta


Well, a lot of full fledged apps do that. Like Fantastical as mentioned. You access the window either by using the menu bar icon, or by activating the app using your launcher, or clicking the application icon in Finder, launchpad, etc. It’s also always optional, so I don’t think it would confuse users since those who don’t want it wouldn’t opt in to use it.


The search feature works differently on iOS and the desktop. For instance, on my phone I can search for "[ ]" to get a list of incomplete actions, perhaps so that I can transfer them into OmniFocus. On Mac, "[ ]" returns an empty search. [ ] returns everything that has matched brackets, including stuff like this is a [link](http:...).. It’d be great if the search syntax was the same between apps.


It would be really useful if the menu bar icon didn’t open a window separately, but in the menu bar, like this:

LightPaper does this, and it’s the best solution I’ve found for quick or temporary notes (which is honestly what I’ve always used Drafts for in iOS).


It would be great if the Quick Capture window grabbed focus on launch (via keyboard shortcut).


I’d love to see “Empty Trash” removed from the right click context menu on an individual draft on the draft list. I can’t count how many times I’ve unintentionally emptied my trash rather than sending that draft to trash.


My Drafts version (latest beta) crashes on startup. I can’t report the bug via the ‘Send Feedback’ menu option for obvious reasons.
Any ideas how I can ‘reset’ the app to force a complete resync.
I suspect this may solve the issue, since I changed a whole lot of things, Drafts, Workspaces etc on my iPad this afternoon and I guess the Mac app has a hiccup with these changes…


I would like to see some more improvements to the Menu bar - namely that the Menu bar window works in fullscreen apps. Currently will switch to another desktop


Make sure everything is automatable with Keyboard Maestro.

Almost everything is in a menu - so that’s mostly covered. A while back there was something (tagging?) that was neither a menu item nor a hot key combination.

Yes, I do want Drafts on Mac to have its own automation. This would be complementary.


Is it possible to put (action list) on Drafts Mac?
like this


The Mac version is in beta and as far as I’m aware, the intention is to include actions functionality eventually.


I see, and i hope we can enjoy it before that.
i know it’s beta but it would be great to enjoy using it from mac!

Links to Drafts notes as hyperlinks readable within longer docs

I’m not the developer but it’s reasonable to suppose that there would be a beta of Drafts on Mac for Actions before that version was released.

However. It’s entirely possible @agiletortoise might release a version before starting to work on Actions.

Personally, I don’t mind either way.


To be honest I must admit I don’t miss the actions on the Mac so much because Alfred and Keyboard Maestro (KM) can take care of many things.

E.g. I have an OmniOutliner document called Agenda which is essentially a mirror of a calendar (as well as a hierarchical file structure in Google Drive with Year/Month/Day) containing collected links to documents, URL:s, mail and everything I need quick access to for meetings, travels etc.

Recently I automized linking to the front document in Drafts with the following keystrokes and steps in KM:

  1. ⌃F5
  2. ⇧Tab
  3. ⇧Tab
  4. ⇧Tab
  5. ⇧Tab
  6. ⇧Tab
  7. Space
  8. Press button “Contents”
  9. Set variable Body to Text %SystemClipboard%
  10. Press button “Link”
  11. Set variable Link to Text %SystemClipboard%

Actually, this is triggered by the hotkey ⌃⌥⌘→ in Alfred (as a reminder to send it to the “future” where a date is then optionally typed into the Alfred window or for today if left empty).

Then Alfred takes over and generate a markdown version of the link like this:

  • [Line 1](drafts5://open?uuid=6A0D1A3C-FC10-4CFF-9651-59F88B22B895)

and converts it to an RTF snippet Line 1 that can be pasted in Agenda under the preferred date:

  • echo $query | /usr/local/bin/pandoc -s -f markdown -t rtf | pbcopy

…and so WILL be pasted exactly in the right place by pbpaste in Applescript.

(Also, I have a Hazel script that watches the backups from Drafts in iCloud and generates a CSV file suitable for a list filter in Alfred, for easy appending of text to a certain draft I am working on without having to switch application and choose the appropriate draft – and then already forgotten that particular phrase I hade in mind because I broke the rule “text first”.)

Due to the power of Drafts, Alfred and Keyboard Maestro the possibilities already seem endless but for me the most crucial part is the flawless syncing. I could use though, some more direct way of addressing various parts of the interface as well as the drafts without having to resort to workarounds (s.a. KM above).

Agile Tortoise has not “only” developed beautifully simple and exquisite software but taught me a lesson that has revolutionized my workflows: Text first!

Happy New Year
(…why I invested some time in my Agenda project to make it even happier for myself and others)


Yes I concur - I’ve mostly used Drafts for stuff I’d already automated on the Mac in Alfred, so for the most part actions will be redundant when they arrive.


Yes! Though this isn’t a Mac specific thing only. I also like to craft initial notes as indented bullet point outlines. They may grow into more regular text, but I use outlines all the time to create the structure for the note. OmniOutliner does a good job in moving even complete indented blocks around. Also see how it works in the TaskPaper app, which is also based on the plaintext format that Drafts supports. I’d personally like it if you could even press a tab and shift+tab in a middle of a bullet point sentence, and it would indent or deintent the line or even the whole block of indented bullet points beneath the item.


Hey all,
First post here on the Drafts Community! I absolutely love Drafts but I’ve had the pro version for about 5 months but I’ve only really started to use drafts last two months. It’s not an easy app to understand how to use in the beginning but I can’t live without it now.

The Mac Beta has me So excited and ligature over Christmas.

Is there any idea when they release date will be for the first version? As a rough estimate?


Can’t make any promises, but I’m hoping for a launch in the next couple of months. Still a lot of rough edges to get smoothed out, however, before calling it a production build.