Questions/Suggestions for Drafts for Mac Beta

Just thought I’d start a central place to put some of these. Bug reports should be sent via the “Send Feedback” menu option in the Drafts for Mac beta.

Some suggestions I’m sure are in the pipeline, but always good to get them out in the open.

Two quick ones from me with my limited use:

  • Ability to set a maximum width for the text column by characters. e.g. a column width of 70 characters. At the moment it fills the width of the text pane which can be hilariously wide depending on your monitor.
  • Ability to set font family/size.

I don’t think you can set the width, but you can choose the font and size using the Aa button at the bottom of the Draft window

Also you can set the margin.

@davenicholls @dfay Oh wow, I totally didn’t even notice that tiny bar along the bottom. I was using drafts in Full Screen mode and didn’t even think of looking there. I think if that’s where those controls are going to be held, it need to be a little bigger and/or have more contrast. That, or just put them in the menu bar.

That said, it looks like everything I’m looking for is there, which is great!

Well…I’d like to be able to set top and bottom margin as well. Or even better just have a few really good presets and not need to mess around with details (a la Byword).

Perhaps I’m wrong about this but I think that when I create a new draft in a workspace with a tag filter in iOS that the new draft is created with the workspace tag automatically. This doesn’t seem to be the case on the Mac. I know the Mac beta doesn’t have actions yet but I thought that this functionality didn’t require an action.

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I think you’re right. You should report it using the ‘send feedback’ option in the help menu

Wish list item: keyboard shortcut to jump to the tag field. (That would make it pretty easy to set up a Keyboard Maestro macro to quickly enter a frequently used tag. I’m thinking of a situation where I get a call at the office, and want to quickly start a new note and tag it to my “daily notes” tag).


I’d like to see it work so that when you’re working with an unordered list, hitting tab would indent the line or shift-tab would un-indent the line. At the moment, you have to head back to the left of your - and then perform the action.


I use Drafts all the time for notes, where I use bullets (- or *) and tend to indent a lot of content.

It “feels” like if you switch into a bullet line, tab should indent the bullet as well, however right now tab simply adds a tab after the bullet. You have to go back before the bullet and hit tab.

Thoughts? I know it breaks some of the “plain text” model of drafts, however I love that behavior in other note taking apps (e.g., OneNote).

One other option I’ve used in some apps is a keyboard shortcut ⌘-[ and ⌘-] to indent the entire line.


These are things Drafts does with actions, which are not yet available on the Mac version. They will come along before too long, but doing them with actions means everyone can have it work just the way they like. The default indent/outdent actions which ship with Drafts on iOS use ⌘-[ and ⌘-] and those will just start working on the Mac once action support ships.


Sounds great! Thanks for clarifying that.

I’ve been liking Drafts for Mac a lot and am surprised just how useful it is right in the first beta. I’d like to see printing from the app cleaned up. I have a bulleted list of topics that indent properly in the app but are all left-flushed in the printout. Workarounds are easy (I cut and pasted into another text editor) but I’ll be happy when printouts format better from Drafts directly.

This is more a request/suggestion rather than a bug.

The insertion point floating “I-bar” cursor is difficult to see in Dark Theme. It is black-on-black with a slight gray outline. Any way to make it stand out more?


To my great delight I noticed some actions in the URL scheme was working already in the Mac Beta. Just imagine what incredible workflows could be built with Drafts and Alfred, TextExpander or other tools.

Is there list of actions in the URL scheme that is working?

The ability to run the app as a menu bar-only app, with keystroke to show/hide would be awesome for quickly creating new notes and maintain Drafts function as a place to start text.


Could the nag window not show up until a few days before the beta expires?

Agree. Recently I had to take notes while running a Keynote presentation. Fortunately I had a workflow in Alfred (not visible on the presenter screen) that just appended text to a note file. I would prefer Drafts though, if there was a similar (but better) option.

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I’ve reported an issue with the URL scheme – if Drafts is already running, a drafts://open?uuid=xxxxx URL opens the draft as expected. But if it’s not running, then it starts Drafts but then doesn’t open the draft.

So far I am loving the new Drafts for Mac app. One suggestion/question though. Would it be possible to implement a feature to hide Drafts from dock? Like many other applications allow? For instance, my Fantastical is hidden from the dock and I only invoke it when I want to view my calendar or when adding items to it. Since I use Drafts for mac mostly to add quick thoughts/notes to the app and then I do most of my processing on iOS, it would be useful if I could hide Drafts from the dock so that it doesn’t show up when switching apps etc. I couldn’t find this option at the moment.