Pulling in notes from GitHub


I use a Mac and iPhone but also have a Linux desktop. I am trying to find a way to use GitHub to move notes between platforms. Anyone have any ideas? I am a beta tester if that helps.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe using the new file bookmarks features and reading/writing to a set of files managed by the Working Copy app?

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I have working copy. I was playing with bookmarks. I wasn’t sure how it handled commits and if it pulled the updated data into drafts or not.

You could use the functions I created in the TADpoLe library for working with Github.

There are some actions in one of my action groups that should make a good starting point for building your own actions.


  • TAD-Push Draft to GitHub Repo
  • TAD-Fetch GitHub Repo File
  • TAD-Create GitHub Gist from Draft
  • TAD-Fetch GitHub Gist Files

Hope that helps.


How about pulling in GitHub Issues? Anyone have a solution for that? (Working Copy doesn’t seem to handle Issues at all.)

I will take a look at those and see what I can come up with.

I should also point out that both Working Copy and Drafts have excellent Shortcuts support. For example, I’ve got a shortcut that exports any drafts modified in the last day to Working Copy and commits and pushes the repo. Going the other way should also work, I think.

Btw, this system of mine is kind of ugly and requires path statements in a lot of drafts to send them to specific folders, but it works for me, but probably only because Drafts is my primary and this is essentially a backup right now.


Maybe the use of synced folders