Process QuickNotes and mail pending tasks

What is QuickNotes?

Use Drafts to quickly note down tasks and notes. And if you do a task quickly, mark it done. Do you want to clean up the draft and receive any pending tasks per mail? Invoke QuickNotes action.

QuickNotes is a Drafts action which:

  1. parses current draft looking for tasks and notes
  2. sends each pending task individually per mail, e.g., to allow Outlook users to flag them as a task
  3. archives current draft by appending it into the monthly QuickNotes archive draft
  4. optionally moves current draft to trash



Hi @iCooper,

thanks for sharing.
This sounds like a great fit to Drafts capture and process paradigms.

I love that you also shared the code on Github.
This action is definitely going on my todo list for further investigation.


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Thanks, Felix!

Looking forward to hear from you!



That is awesome! Is there anyway to have the task go into OmniFocus rather than email to outlook?!

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I do not have any experience with OmniFocus, sorry.

However, looking quickly at the Integration Guide Using OmniFocus with Drafts, it looks like you can send a mail to OmniFocus, so just configure the correct email address after installing and running QuickNotes.

Or, perhaps, there seem to be already many actions cooperating with OmniFocus, e.g., Markdown Tasks to OmniFocus


Thank you sir! That is fantastic.

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Nice action - I tried using the mail to Things address and worked fine