Using OmniFocus with Drafts




OmniGroup’s OmniFocus is one of the most popular GTD/Todo/Task managers for keeping you organized and productive on iOS and the Mac.

Drafts can work with OmniFocus as a front-end capture tool in a number of ways. This article discusses a few of them to help get you started.

Share Extension

OmniFocus offers an iOS Share extension for creating tasks which can be used with the Drafts’ Share action. This requires no special setup or configuration, just that both apps be installed on the device.

  • Pros: No setup required. Great flexibility in the Share extension to assign OmniFocus contexts, tags, etc., before confirming creation of tasks.
  • Cons: Can only create a single task at a time. Requires more user-interaction and extra taps/selections to complete creation of tasks.

URL-Based Actions

OmniFocus supports URL schemes, including x-callback-url. There is an excellent overview of some of the capabilities of the OmniFocus URL actions at Inside OmniFocus, if you are looking to accomplish advanced integrations.

A few basic, ready-to-use examples:

  • Task in OmniFocus: Sends the current draft to OmniFocus as a task, with the first line of the draft as the task name and any remaining text as a note.

  • Tasks in OmniFocus: Sends each line of a draft to OmniFocus as an individual task.

  • Pros: OmniFocus opens, and you can further categorize the new task (assign project, due date, etc). Does not require network connection.

  • Cons:

OmniFocus Mail Drop

OmniFocus offers the ability to email tasks to OmniFocus using Mail Drop. Using Mail Drop, along with a Drafts’ Mail action step configured to use your unique Mail Drop email address and to “Send in Background” can be a quick easy way to send a task to OmniFocus.

  • Pros: Immediately sends task in background without leaving Drafts.
  • Cons: Requires network connection (to send in background). Requires using OmniGroup’s own sync services. Goes to inbox, no way to categorize ahead of time.

Drafts > Reminders > OmniFocus

Drafts List in Reminders action step allows you to quickly type up a list of items, one per line, in a draft, and send them to the built-in iOS Reminders app as a list. OmniFocus has the ability to import tasks from the iOS Reminders app. If you create and configure an action to send to the Reminders list used by OmniFocus, you can quickly dump a list of tasks to OmniFocus, using Reminders as an intermediary.

  • Pros: Create many tasks quickly.
  • Cons: Requires a bit of configuration, and creating otherwise unnecessary data in Reminders.