Problem importing folder of .txt files into Mac version of drafts


I have a folder of 212 text files that I’d like to import into Drafts on Mac.

I notice that when I import the folder, many files are missing. I thought maybe something was wrong with those files, so to check, I tried importing some of them individually, and those worked fine … Is there another way I can get all of these files into Drafts without doing each one individually, thanks!!


Have you tried dropping them on the app icon as suggested for Markdown files in the following thread?

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I suppose I could experiment with this but I’m only curious:

If you drop a .txt file does Drafts on Mac treat it as plain text? Similarly a .md file as Markdown?

(Actually I create .mdp files (don’t ask but very close to Markdown) in Sublime Text and would like to drag them in and have them treated as Markdown.)

The way I did it was I just imported 20 at a time, confirming each one.