Bulk Import of Markdown files

Is anyone aware of an action that would import an entire folder structure of markdown / TaskPaper files into Drafts?

Many thanks fo any pointers (or alternate solutions).


On iOS or Mac? On Mac, you drop a batch of files on the app icon.

On iOS, an action to import from iCloud Drive is very possible, but I don’t have an example handy.

Ah, this proposed solution for Mac is almost it. Now I need to retain the tags in the “.md” files, which are embedded as “#tagname” (no space). Can Drafts do something about the tags?

Many thanks

Currently you would need to write an action on iOS to do this. It would need to read through each of the files and parse out the tags whilst adding the rest of the content to a new draft. Alternatively, you could import the Drafts on Mac and then have an action on iOS to process selected drafts once they are in the app to remove the tag data in the content and change them to Drafts tags.

While action for Drafts on the Mac should make an appearance later this year, that would need to be a similar approach - i.e. not simply drag & drop.

I had the same issue once and built this action (based on someone else’s similar action).