Printing - Matching/Approximating Point Size

I enjoy having the ability to set up a print style that closely mimics the look of what I see on the screen. However, I can’t figure out a way to have the printed point size adjust with the screen font size in the editor. The point size is set in the stylesheet, so no matter what the current font size is on-screen, the output on paper is (naturally) whatever the stylesheet says.

Is there a way to pass the current editor font size to the stylesheet? I would like it if when I increase/decrease the font size in the editor, the print stylesheet could adjust accordingly.

Anyone know how to get that value? I don’t see it in the docs anywhere.

Or is there another setting or way to approach this that I’m missing?
Thanks in advance.

There is no way access editor font size in actions. I’ll make a note to consider making those elements accessible to scripting, but admit it is a pretty niche request.

Do you alter your editor font sizes that often? Most people have pretty static selections. It would be easy to have a print action with a scripted prompt that let you select from several target font sizes before printing, that might fill most of your needs.

Yes, I realize it’s a pretty esoteric request. I had hoped maybe it was a variable that was already available but just undocumented.

No, I don’t alter the size that often, but I do find that when I’m printing something that I want to fit on one page, it’s nice to be able to see the preview, and then just tweak the font-size down a bit before printing if it doesn’t quite fit.

Your suggestion about a scripted prompt for selecting font size was exactly what I was planning to do. It will require a bit more fussing, which is why I figured I’d inquire about that font-size variable here first.

Thanks so much for the quick reply!

I’ve gotten as far as creating the prompt to select font size… I’m struggling to figure out how to get the return value from my prompt to work as a variable inside the HTML template at the Print step. Is there a way to output JS variables from previous steps inside the HTML template?

Nevermind! I found the answer inside another action… I needed to call
draft.setTemplateTag("tagName", myVariable);
in my script step before the print step.

Works great now.