POLL: What services would you like to see added to Drafts?



Thanks so much!

I signed up for a account to thank you for working on a MacOS version of Drafts.

Also - Take your time to make it great - don’t feel rushed! I’m sure many of us work in software, and we understand that good stuff takes time. :smile:


Amen to that! I once worked with a project leader who always remarked, “We will serve no software before its time!” (Of course, you would have to be old enough to recognize the reference to Orson Well’s brief stint pushing wine to get the humor…)


Send to Scrivener.

This might be a difficult one! But as a professional writer reliant on the most widely-used tool for long-form writing, a way to send/add/append to Scrivener would be hugely beneficial.


This would require L&L to up their automation game in ways that aren’t likely given the size of their shop. See Integrate with Scrivener?


Does Pastebin have an API that you could hook into?


Just for info, PasteBin does indeed have a documented API that could be used.

I’d +1 PasteBin integration :sunglasses:.


Ooh how about Telegram Messenger using tg://


I can’t find any docs on Telegram Messenger’s URL scheme. If they can accept text than nothing is needed to support them, just create an action with a URL step formatted as needed. You may need to request information from Telegram on what they support.


I forgot to add a big vote here: WordPress. I’d love to see an action that has all of the settings of what Shorcuts/Workflow and Ulysses have.

Please and thank you.


How about the ability to specify an iCloud Drive folder other than “Drafts?”


I’m pretty sure that’s an iOS sandboxing limitation.


Apps are limited to accessing their own iCloud Drive folders only by OS sandbox limitations. Import-Export are possible only using the document browser (or open/save dialogs on Mac) and those are actually run by the OS and the app is only given access to the selected file destination for read/write.


One service that would be incredibility helpful to me would be to be able to connect/post to Scrivener as simply and directly as Drafts connets/posts to Evernote. As a working writer Scrivener and Evernote are my most used applications on my iPhone & iPad. The combination of Drafts for quick notes and related light lifting tasks together with Scrivener for heavy lifting writing would be a game changing combination for working authors.


Seconded, re Scrivener action.


Me too, if possible.


I do not think Scrivener supports direct integration in the iOS app, and they do not have a web service like Evernote to integrate with.

I know i have seen Drafts users in the past integrate with Scrivener via Dropbox, by writing to files that Scrivener will see in a project that is host in Dropbox - but I’m honestly not familiar enough with Scrivener to comment on what is require for that setup.


The issues are on the Scrivener side, explained here:


I do find it frustrating that all sending of entries in tasks cannot simply be passed to an app without a data connection.

Taking Todoist as an example I cannot send a list of tasks and send it to Todoist locally straight to the app. (Todoist does work in offline mode btw).


This is because these actions are communicating with the services - not the apps. From memory Todoist’s URL schemes are limited/nonexistent - so you wouldn’t be able to do anything locally anyway :slight_smile:


The Todoist URL scheme ha always been pretty reasonable for me… except where one of the project parameters got broken for a few releases 3-4 years back. I used it as my primary to do manager (with a premium subscription) for many years and used to use quite a few URL scheme driven things with apps (including Drafts 4)

You can find the URL scheme details here: