Parsing quick-add syntax by Todoist doesn't seem to work anymore

I tried using #projectName in body of my draft and Todoist doesn’t parse it as a task which should be included in project: projectName. It also doesn’t work with tags: @tag isn’t parsed as tag.

The only action that works for me is this: Task in Todoist with options | Drafts Directory

I would like to know how to add a task to Todoist to some predefined single project - could you help me with that?

I’ll selfishly link my Draftist Action Group here :slight_smile:
A pre defined project is not yet possible by default but I’ll add it to my list and will hopefully have some time to update the Action Group in the near future :slight_smile:

Todoist made some changes to their api last year that’s why the linked action doesn’t work for labels anymore (I think).

Does your project name include spaces? This often caused problems for me.

If you want to dip into scripting a bit you might want to look into the Todoist object. If it’s always the same project you can script an action that either

  • always appends #projectName to the tasks text and uses the quickAdd API to add the task
  • or use the standard createTask API with the project id as parameter (you can retrieve that id easily by opening the project in the Webbrowser and looking in the url the project id should be the last part)

Thanks! “quick add lines from draft” works great for me. I added action “Insert text” with a #myProjectName and it somehow worked! Strange, because with all other actions, also that Todoist one I couldn’t make it to work. So anyway - if you add this action before running Draftist_quickAddLinesFromCurrentDraft() it will add to predefined project. This is all I wanted :slight_smile:
Drafts_2023_06-27 at 17.38.23

Perfect idea! Great that you made use of it so quickly!

I will add it as an easier configuration step and will lookup the name of the project via the Todoist API. I want it to work with more complex project names, too!