'Or' search queries in Workspaces

Is it possible to set up a workspace with an ‘or’ search query? I want to designate a particular workspace to filter for notes that contain ‘search string one’ or ‘search string two’ but not necessarily both. Is this possible? Sorry if this is obvious.

This has come up before around tag based filtering.

… and it turns out I must have forgotten about some level of implementation of this :man_facepalming:

User Interface


Thank you for responding. I appreciate it. I like the ability to filter by tags on workspaces and the tag filter ‘Any’ option is great. I hope that the ability to use ‘or’ with query strings is eventually added. In my work in the Drafts app I tend to use certain names and phrases, and it would be helpful to be able to organize workspaces using ‘or’ with multiple possible query strings without having to go back and add specific tags for those names and phrases to each entry.

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