Allow workspaces to match tags with "or"

For example, I want to have a workspace called “Recomendations” that contains all the drafts with the tags “book” or “movie” or “show”, but currently it’s not possible. I think this will make the workspace feature incredibly powerful!


+1 on this. Makes workspaces more flexible.

I concur.

Drafts lists can get long without proper organization.

My Drafts 4 inbox has 200+ items.

I am determined to follow the pattern and practice of minimizing the inbox in Drafts 5.

I thought the workspaces feature was perfect, happily planning a taxonomy of tags to preempt the inevitable buildup of items.

This feature will help a user like me create workspaces for “work-in-progress” categories, templating, and more.
—A humble Draft Devotee

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I would love to have this as well.

+1 for me also. It would be really useful.

Yes to this one, please. I naturally assumed tags would be ORed, not ANDed on filters.

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Just a note here for any readers that this is solved now. Set the tag filter mode to any instead of all. So I have one workspace that will pick up any note tagged Twitter OR Facebook.

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It’d be a nice convenience to be able to create a virtual workspace that combined existing ones. Similar in spirit, achievable with OR.