Open wiki link in new window

Would love to “cmd-click” (or whatever) on a wiki link to open it in a new window on Mac. I have some project files with several links in them and it would be awesome to be able to open this file, then cmd-click the several links. Right now I can open the draft in a new window, then click the wiki link, then go back to the original window and choose “open in new window” again, click the second wiki link, etc. A little tedious. Would also be great in other one-off cases.

Another approach that could be nice is scripting the ability to open drafts in a new window. That would work for my main project file use case (and possibly work well with window management software to arrange the window tiled nicely) and probably for the one-off cases if implemented as an action.

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I’d second more robust and intuitive options to open Drafts in new windows.

I do have somethings planned in this area, but they are dependent on a larger refactoring project so would hesitate to make speculations on the timeframe right now.


Curious- would “tabs” - like a browser be a part of the new window features?

thanks for the awesome information.

I would request that cmd-click opens a link in general, not only wikilinks. Without being able to make a general statement, in my perception, it is becoming more and more a standard with markdown apps that cmd+click opens a link. (Obsidian, iA Writer, etc. have exactly this behavior)

(since it is a very similar feature request, I am posting this here instead of opening a new thread.)

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