Ability in script to open draft in new window

Hey there,

Would it be possible to open a draft in a new window in Mac/iPadOS? Not sure if the system allows this but would really like this feature to be able to create drafts on the fly (like a daily checklist) then automatically have it open in a new window.

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It would be possible technically, have not written any interfaces for it. Will add it to the list for possible scripting additions.

I second the desire to do this. Actually, what I want more specifically is to use some kind of script to open a workspace in its own new window. I use Brett Terpstra’s Bunch.app for various work context setups, and I would use it for that. I also like to use url commands to open specific documents from different contexts, but I would like it to open in its own window and not disturb the setup of the main window. Is there a url parameter to open a draft in its own window?