Open drafts created on a specific date

Hey team! Are there any actions (or else iOS shortcuts) that display a list of drafts (within Drafts itself) that were created on a specific date?

I found this thread with an action from @derekvan that displays the drafts in an HTML preview and an action from @agiletortoise that creates a workspace with the drafts created ‘on this day’ from x number of years ago.

What I am hoping to find is an action or shortcut that displays the matching drafts within Drafts itself, much like agiletortoises’ above, but for which you specify a specific date (year, month, day) as opposed to ‘how many years back, today’. Any ideas?

You could modify Greg’s action to begin with a prompt to select the date then use that date instead of the annual one for the workspace. Alternatively you could just create a workspace and manually set it’s date filter each timeyou want to change the focus date.