On This Day for journaling

I will not bother Greg about new feature. So I ask you who use drafts for journaling, maybe someone has created action/iOS shortcut/KM macro for show drafts which was created ‘On This Day’ ?
If not, is it difficult to create one? Maybe someone could point me in the right direction to how create one?


Thanks for posting this, gave me a nudge to share what I made a few months ago:

This is pretty specific to my use cases, but I tried to strip out most of what is just for me. If you’re interested in this, and want more help on the colors, let me know (the script on line 134 introduces some tag options to put a colored border around notes depending on tags).

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this highly depends on the “structure” of your journal.

I think it would be relatively easy if you e.g. use titles which include the date. You can simply use a “draft.query()” step in a script to find the drafts which include the date (Day and month) of the current date.

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Excellent! Thank you a lot!
I’m blind, so don’t need to mess with color stuff hehe.

Here’s another approach, using workspace date filters: Created This Day.

It prompts for a number of years, then creates an loads a workspace in the draft list displaying only drafts created on the current date that number years ago.

Workspaces cannot have more than one date filter, so it can’t load multiple years at the same time, but gives you a more useful look that them.

Hmm. Hopefully this works well for you. This uses the HTML preview and since I was making for myself, I didn’t focus on accessibility. Not sure how the HTML preview might be processed by a screen reader.

I write in markdown, so preview mode In your action is very accessible so long :blush:
I like how you implemented hyper links on bottom of every draft.

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Which part of script I need to edit to show drafts which tagged only with ‘journal’? Now I get mix of all drafts.

change line 113 to this:

const drafts = Draft.query("","all",["journal"]);

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