Make drafts sync

Hi, drafts usually automatically syncs between my mac and iphone quickly but i’ve made several drafts on iphone this morning and the mac hasn’t synced with it at all today.

Why is this happening and how can i fix it?

Is there any manual sync/refresh button on either the iphone or mac for times when the auto sync doesnt work?

There isn’t a manual sync.

Assuming you are not running betas, try rebooting both devices. Many sync issues are down to the underlying services and “refreshing” the OS with a reboot often sorts such issues out.

If you are on betas, ensure you are on the latest Mac and the latest iOS beta app versions. If you are, go for the reboot.

Hope that helps.

I’ve had the same problem for several months. I was in touch with Customer Support… they reviewed my logs, but their only assessment was there may be a problem on the iOS side.

I’m able to “force” a sync by having the iOS apps (iPhone & iPad) open at the same time as the desktop app. It’s not really a solution, and I have been very frustrated that Agile Tortoise is not able to track this down.

Pretty sure those issues are resolved in the beta, but the release cycle is slower during the Summer while we work on OS related updates that are still in beta. You can sign up for the beta program if you want early access.

My Mac app fails to sync often enough that I find myself here in this support thread. I’d like to add my +1 for a manual sync button. Right now I have to quit and restart drafts to get it to sync to latest whenever it is failing to update.

Given the feedback on the forums and Slack group on sync issues at the moment, I don’t think there are any significant issues doing the rounds. You are probably better off raising this as a support issue as the point is that you shouldn’t need to manually trigger a sync; it’s any underlying issue that should be resolved saving you from having to try a manual sync, which in all likelihood would suffer the same sync issue.

Take a look at the sync guidance documentation, in particular the troubleshooting advice. If the tips there don’t help, which I suspect may be the case for your scenario, follow the instructions on generating logs for the syncing while you are having the sync issue, and then send them in via the support contact page.