Launch Keyboard Maestro Script from Drafts Action

How can I launch a Keyboard Maestro script from a Drafts action? I basically want to have Drafts do a few steps and then launch the script.

All Keyboard Maestro scripts can be launched via a URL (Keyboard Maestro offers several different URLs for each script). Maybe this is useful?

Solved in another post by @sylumer!

Is this a “a high frequency” event? Or an occasional thing? I ask because the Keyboard Maestro methods - if not served on the same machine as the requester - tend to be slow.

If on the same machine you might be able to kick off some AppleScript to do it quicker. (KM definitely can be driven by AppleScript on Mac.)

Not sure how high-frequency it will be, but the solution was very simple: Use Drafts’ URL action step and the URL trigger for the Keyboard Maestro macro. It works quickly and does just what I need.

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